Based on the feedback from my team, I would not hesitate to recommend the course to anyone requiring “First Aid Training” – in fact, I have already recommended it to another company.

Comments from my team

1.      The best First Aid Course I have attended – very good teacher who obviously knows his stuff everyone thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it very useful. (First Aider of 3 years)

2.      Over the past 12 years, I have attended several first aid courses. I can honestly say Tom’s course stands far above the rest and I feel I have gained more knowledge and practical experience than ever before. The small cosy atmosphere immediately relaxes everyone and his calm, straightforward method of explaining the most important information is very effective. It is obvious that Tom absolutely loves what he does and that certainly made the course more enjoyable and it was very helpful to hear about his own personal experiences. (First Aider of 12 years)

3.      Our First Aid course was exactly what we needed. Our trainer had a natural skill for teaching; he was patient, fun and informative. (First Aider of 3 years).

4.      Totally relevant and for once taught by front line staff who knew his stuff….a pleasure all round compared with fiasco of last company, I put what I learnt into practice when over Christmas dinner one of my friends collapsed and stopped breathing, I performed CPR until the paramedics and ambulance arrived. There is no doubt that what I learnt on Tom’s course enabled me to act quickly and calmly and resulted in saving a man’s life. A big thank you to Tom (First Aider of 12 years)

Hugh King & Co Hullerhill Sand Quarry Kilwinning KA13 7QN.


We booked a group first aid course and Tom was our course teacher, having done a number of first aid courses, I was really pleased to have Tom’s insightful approach to the subject. He has served his time as a paramedic, and his teaching style really reflects that. Instead of someone rattling through the course and being a bit boring, Tom really brings the subject to life and keeps you interested. He has real life experiences with all the issues covered in the course, and can answer any daft question you may have.

Tom was friendly and approachable, and although we were doing a serious course, we all felt the day flew by and everyone was impressed with his knowledge and teaching style.I will definitely be booking Tom again for when the next course is due, can’t recommend him highly enough

Morag Sangster Tribe Tattoo Edinburgh


Tom carried out the first aid at work training course for my team of staff and volunteers. We found him engaging throughout, and he was easily able to field any questions relating specifically to our workplace (a dementia friendly hub). We would happily have Tom back for training again, and I have no problems in recommending him to anyone looking for a first aid trainer who also has a wealth of personal knowledge and experience.

Graham Galloway Kirrieconnections Kirrimuir.


Though we appreciated its importance we weren’t keen to do a First Aid course. This view was soon changed.  Tom is an excellent instructor who knows and enjoys his subject, these skills plus his anecdotes made the course really informative and very enjoyable.  We highly recommend his courses”

Andrew J McColl DirectorTremmel Restorations Edinburgh.


Review of the course below:

I found the course excellent. It was a one-day basic First Aid course which ran through of all the key emergency situations you could come across in everyday life. There are so many simple things that we can all do to help someone in an emergency which could make the difference between life and death, and it’s fantastic to feel confident to know what to do from now on.

Tom had a natural skill for teaching, he was patient, fun and informative. The teaching was excellent and various real life examples and hands-on practice reinforced the basic principles.

I would highly recommend anyone looking for such a course to get in touch with Tom.

Zoe Lowes
Account Director                                                                                                                                                                        APS Group (Scotland) Ltd



“Tom visited our farm in 2017 to deliver a First Aid Course.  We had 12 employees attend, all of which agreed the experience was extremely useful and would greatly increase confidence in the event of an emergency.

The course provided a good mix of theory and practical exercises, all of which were delivered professionally in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

I would highly recommend Train For Life Scotland for all your First Aid needs.”

Avocet Agriculture Ltd


“Tom delivered the First Aid at Work 3 day Course for 10 of our school staff, over three individual days. Each of the sessions were excellent in terms of content, accessibility and delivery. We left feeling that we had covered all (and more!) of the areas we needed to, which gives us a real confidence boost when administering First Aid. Thank you!!”

Scott Crawford                                                                                                                                                                        Health and Safety Officer Fettes College Edinburgh

“Thomas delivered an excellent First Aid course to our volunteers and staff. Some of the volunteers had additional support needs and learning difficulties. Thomas coped brilliantly with adapting his materials and pitching his style to suits them. The group loved his approach and really enjoyed his course. It was engaging, informative and very helpful. He clearly knows his stuff and has skills as a trainer“

Johnny Kinross                                                                                                                                                                      Chief executive                                                                                                                                                                        Grassmarket Community Project


I cannot thank Tom enough for the quality training he delivered. He is so helpful, extremely knowledgeable and flexible.

Having personally been trained by Tom I can safely say that this is the best first aid training I have ever received, the way he referred to personal experiences makes you take in the information even more.

Alan Guthrie

Training/Health & Safety Coordinator

T French & Son Ltd